I got Crystal Defenders for the PS3 the other night and I just have to complain a bit about the game’s description … Continue reading


I think it’s time for another Girls’ Generation video, don’t you? :)

This is an old one. It’s Into The New World from the album Baby Baby/Girls’ Generation.

Girls' Generation ~ Into The New World

Girls’ Generation ~ Into The New World

31MB 4:50 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source video from Yoobin.skyrock.com

I was planning on ripping this from the DVD that comes with the Avex version of the album Baby Baby, but that version was apparently short in supply when I ordered it, so … Continue reading


I have been resisting the iPod for a long time. Mainly because of how “locked in” it is with its iTunes requirement (I know there are alternative programs).

One morning I was on my way to work and was listening to music on my cellphone… or at least I was trying to. The headphone adapter came off one time and the phone thought I had pressed the hands-free button three times. I had had enough.

iPod Nano

I went looking for a new MP3-player on my lunch break and, as it turns out, the selection is horrifyingly small where I live, so I decided to go against my principles and get an iPod.

I got the latest Nano. I was going to get a 16 GB version, but they didn’t have the colour I wanted at the Apple store, so I got an 8 GB version instead. I also went back later to buy a pack of “iPod socks” :lol: (the sock in the picture is supposed to be green - the lighting conditions weren’t exactly ideal when I took the photo)

So far, I can say that iTunes works great with podcasts, and sub-par at basically everything else. I activated the “sound check” feature which caused iTunes to raise the volume of a few random songs by 100% for no apparent reason. … Continue reading


It’s apparently blackout season here. There’s been some snowfall and yesterday the whole town went dark the entire evening. Today the snowfall continued, and well the snow from yesterday was still there, so there was another blackout.

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I just have to vent a little: today I received my second pre-order bonus code for Mirror’s Edge. The first one was for the demo (which won’t be out until the 7th) and this one was to download two tracks off the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack from musicofmirrorsedge.com.

I opened the site with Google Chrome and entered my code. Then … Continue reading


I bought a Love Hina DVD box last week. It was fairly cheap and I thought it could be fun to re-watch the anime, since it’s been been quite a while since I first watched it. Then I put the first DVD in and saw the Swedish subtitles… … Continue reading


I went to the cinema yesterday to watch Die Hard 4.0. I liked the movie, but I had a hard time enjoying it to the fullest because of the crappy picture quality. … Continue reading