IU’s official site at Loen has been updated with the full tracklist of her upcoming Korean album Last Fantasy along with audio samples.


The site takes forever to load, though (probably due to heavy traffic). When the song has loaded you should be able to play the audio sample by holding the mouse pointer over the padlocks, which will turn into a play icon and the sample will play. They were supposed to release two samples per day, but I can only play track one (the suitcase) right now.

LG Roboking

I recently bought an LG Roboking robotic vacuum cleaner and thought I’d write up a review of it, and perhaps clear up some misconceptions I’ve seen online.

The version I got is the LG Roboking VR6171LVM, which is the second newest Korean model at the moment. The Roboking is sold under the name LG Hom-bot in a few European countries, but not here in Sweden.

I will be comparing it to my old iRobot Roomba Discovery SE (4xx-series). I’ve been using the Roboking daily for about two and a half weeks.

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I’ve finally started chewing away at the pile of Asian movies that I have, so I thought I’d post some short thoughts about some of the movies that I’ve watched.

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A few weeks ago I bought a Panasonic SC-HC3 (it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) sound system.

It’s a pretty neat “micro system” that has radio, CD and iPod docking. It has a motorized sliding door which opens to the right if you want to access the iPod dock and to the left for the CD. The door is transparent (smoked) in front of the iPod, so you can see the iPod’s display through it.

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2010 calendar preview

Ai’s 2010 calendar that I pre-ordered arrived yesterday. I picked it up today and thought I’d post some preview pictures (luckily my camera’s battery held out until I had snapped a picture of each page).

It’s nothing like what I had expected. The Bye-bye preview picture that basically all stores have used has nothing to do with the actual product. However, I’m not all disappointed. It looks pretty nice and fits well where I put it in my living room.

  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview
  • 2010 calendar preview

I was kind of expecting it to be in colour, but this is fine too. I like March-April and July-August (hehe). May-June is kind of “blah” and November-December looks a bit too depressing for my taste. What I was hoping for was something along the lines of her kimi iro omoi photo book.

Link to YesAsia (where I bought it)

Welcome to Dongmakgol

Today (well, technically yesterday) I received two sets of Asian movies that I had ordered. One was the Blu-ray version of the Korean movie Welcome to Dongmakgol.

It was listed as Blu-ray region A and B at YesAsia, but the case only said “region A”, so I got a bit worried and popped it into my PS3 (region B) just to check if it would play, which it did (phew). I was planning on taking a nap before my late Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class, but I couldn’t stop watching the movie once I had started it.

Welcome to Dongmakgol takes place during the Korean war. The story is about two South Korean soldiers, three North Korean soldiers and an American pilot who end up in a strange village in the mountains called Dongmakgol, where the inhabitants don’t even know that a war is raging outside. … Continue reading


Last night I had a movie night all by my self. I watched the Japanese movie Tenshi (Angel) starring Kyoko Fukada as the angel. Tenshi is based on Erica Sakurazawa’s manga with the same name. I haven’t read the manga, but I liked the movie adaptation.

The movie is very mellow and is great to watch when you, like I did last night, want to unwind and relax. It’s about some regular people in a regular Japanese town who have their own problems, big and small. One day an angel (Kyoko) comes down into the town and touches the hearts … Continue reading


Two weeks ago (man, time sure flies) I watched BoA The LIVE “X’mas” on DVD. It’s BoA’s live from 11th December 2007, which was recorded at Tokyo International Forum Hall-A. I didn’t have all that high hopes for it, but I think the concert was great. It’s a show more focused on BoA’s vocals, like the first BoA The LIVE. There’s some dancing, but not much.

I actually liked this DVD more than Live Tour 2008 The Face. It gave me a nicer feeling and BoA’s vocals are great. Though I was in a better mood when I watched the X’mas DVD. I should probably re-watch the Live Tour DVD another time.

One thing I liked about the X’mas live is that she performed some older songs that she doesn’t normally have in her concerts, like Sekai no Katasumi de (世界の片隅で) and flower from Valenti. It made me think back to when I first started listening to BoA.

As soon as Sekai no Katasumi de started I thought “I have to post this on my blog”. It took a while, but here it is ;)

BoA ~ The LIVE X'mas Sekai no Katasumi de for PSPBoA ~ The LIVE X’mas Sekai no Katasumi de for PSP

29MB 4:27 H.264/AVC 480×272

(download | thumbnail)

(how to play)


Last week I watched Jeon Ji-hyeon’s latest movie A Man Who Was Superman (Superman ieotdeon sanai/If I Were Superman). I had pre-ordered the movie since I like Ji-hyeon so much, but I wasn’t expecting much from it.

The movie is about a producer (Ji-hyeon) who makes emotion pieces (is that the right word?) for a TV-show. She’s about to quit her job when she comes across this guy (Hwang Jeong-min) who thinks he is Superman, so she decides to make a piece about him.

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Now, finally, some previews of BoA’s 2009 calendar have surfaced. My first impression is that this year’s (2008) calendar is much nicer. The 2009 calendar reminds me a bit of the 2007 calendar’s sport theme. BoA looks great as usual, but the theme doesn’t really add anything. To me it’s more of a distraction. I mean, all I want are nice photos of BoA. Preferably without a big horn in the way.

  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar
  • 2009 calendar

Credit: boafanclub via beck_ken@baboa

Buy the calendar at YesAsia

Buy at J-List


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