Drama teaser for I Got a Boy:


Seo-hyun looks really cute! :D

Update: Dance teaser :D



Today (the end of the world) SNSD started releasing teasers for their 4th Korean album. The album (and title track, I guess) is called I Got a Boy. They will make their comeback on January 1st and the album will be released the day after.

The first teaser video consists of the entire music video for the song Dancing Queen! :D


Girls' Generation ~ Dancing Queen

Girls’ Generation ~ Dancing Queen

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This song is kind of TaeTiSeo (sound) meets Gee (looks). It’s a remake of the song Mercy by Duffy, but with new Korean lyrics. I like it! :D It’s a bit nostalgic in the way the girls all have the same hairstyles as they did when promoting Gee. At the end of the video we get to see a short teaser for I Got a Boy, which sounds like it’ll be something completely different.

Ohh… Now I’ve read that a lot of the footage in Dancing Queen is actually from 2008 and that the song was intended to be released back then, but couldn’t due to copyright issues. No wonder it looks so Gee-like.

Dancing Queen is already out on iTunes.

Girls’ Generation also started releasing teaser photos. … Continue reading


T-ara are coming back next week with Day by Day. A teaser for the music video was just released. It looks pretty cool! Seems like it’s going to be another short movie style music video taking place in a dystopian future. The style looks almost Final Fantasy VII-y. Eun-jung looks pretty bad-ass. The video also shows the two new members of T-ara, Da-ni and A-reum.


I’m liking the little we get to hear of the song. Going to be a great comeback, no doubt.


f(x) are coming back with their second mini-album Electric Shock the day after tomorrow. SM has been releasing concept photos for a couple of days and today they released a video teaser, which consists of a medley of the songs from the album and the concept photos. It’s circle lens galore :) . Love the picture of Sulli with the flowers under her eyes. Luna’s promo picture came out great too.


I love f(x)’ out-theredness both when it comes to their styling and their songs. I’m looking forward to this release. Because they usually promote during the summer, I’ve come to associate them with summer time and vacation. However, I suspect that last year’s Hot Summer is cursed, because it feels like each time I play it, it starts to rain :lol: .

Update June 9: the music video teaser is out now.


Sounds very promising if you ask me. Full music video should be out soon. Lol @ Krystal’s dinosaur earring :lol:


SNSD’s next Japanese single Paparazzi will be released on June 27th. Today a teaser for the song and music video was shown on Japanese morning TV. SM also uploaded a teaser to their youtube channel:


You don’t get to hear much at all in the youtube teaser, really. In the clip from Japanese TV (below) you hear a bit more and you can also see more of their outfits. I’m sure more teasers will follow :) .


Not sure what to think about the “ooh-la-la-la” part, but the beat sounds pretty nice.


Earlier today the 30 second versions of the music video teasers for The Boys were released. The Korean version sounds better in my opinion.

Korean version (30s):

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Man, they’re really teasing us this time, with these short video clips. 16 lousy (glorious) seconds! The Korean and English(!) music video teasers for The Boys were just released. They’re kind of similar, since so much of the teaser is in English in both versions :lol: .

What stuck with me most from these teasers was the hotness that Yu-ri exudes :) .

The release date for the album has been confirmed to the 19th. The title track (and music video?) will be released digitally on the 18th. The next teaser (30 seconds) will be out in two days.

Korean version:

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The second video teaser for SNSD’s next album The Boys was just released and, OMG! They all look amazing!

Now we get a better look at all the members, with close-ups of Tiffany(!), Jessica, Tae-yeon(!!!), Yu-ri and Sunny with her fabulous new hair-cut :) !

We hear the same beat as in the last teaser, which I don’t think is part of the actual song. There was a video leaked from SM a while ago (see bottom of post), where you can make out the song a little.

As far as I know, the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. I’ve pre-ordered the album, so there’s nothing to do but wait.


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The first teaser video for SNSD’s new album The Boys was just released. Looks great! My expectations just went through the roof and into orbit! Can’t wait >_<

And look at Sunny! It looks like she cut her hair really short! :shock:



The teasers for SNSD’s upcoming album The Boys are being released bit by bit. So far it’s only pictures. I’ve already posted a few of them, but I thought I’d collect all of them here.

  • The Boys Cover
  • The Boys Cover
  • The Boys Seo-hyun teaser
  • The Boys Yoon-a teaser
  • The Boys Yu-ri teaser
  • The Boys Jessica teaser
  • The Boys Soo-young teaser
  • The Boys Tiffany teaser
  • The Boys Hyo-yeon teaser
  • The Boys Sunny teaser
  • The Boys Tae-yeon teaser

The concept seems to revolve around fairy tales. Doesn’t really give you much to go on as far as what the comeback performance will be like. I’m looking forward to the video teaser.

I’ll update this post when the rest of the pictures come out.

Update: Added the remaining images + the covers. Wau! Look at Yoon-a o_o.


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