Before IU makes her real Japanese debut, she’s releasing a “pre-debut” mini-album in Japan called I□U, which consists of a few of her Korean hits, as well as a new song called Last Fantasy. It also comes with a documentary called “All about IU” on DVD.

Here are some promo pictures:

  • I□U promo
  • I□U promo
  • I□U promo
  • I□U promo
  • I□U promo
  • I□U promo

The first picture is of very high resolution, but all the pictures are heavily compressed, so the files aren’t that large.

Credit: weheartiu

You can pre-order the album here if you, like me, want it for xmas :)

Update: I made a 1920×1200 wallpaper of the big picture. I converted the colour profile, so the colours look better.

I□U wallpaper 1920x1200


To cheer myself up a little, I’m posting these calendar wallpapers :P .

  • Goobne October Yu-ri wallpaper
  • IU S-Oil October wallpaper

Credit: yurui & weheartiu


As per usual, here are the official wallpapers for YUI’s new single HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ (1280×1024):

  • HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ wallpaper (CD + DVD)
  • HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ wallpaper (CD)

The single will be released on June 1st and can be pre-ordered now.

The track list is:

  1. HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~
  2. YOU
  3. It’s My Life ~YUI Acoustic Version~
  4. HELLO ~Instrumental~

The first two tracks are theme songs for the movie Paradise Kiss. Click here for the music video and movie trailer.


Here are the official wallpapers (1280×1024) for YUI’s new single It’s My Life/Your Heaven that comes out next week.

  • It’s my life / Your heaven
  • It’s my life / Your heaven

The music videos are coming up later. I’ll comment more then.


By now these wallpapers are old, but they took so long to put them on the official site after the release that I forgot about them. They’re the official wallpapers for YUI’s last single Rain.

  • Rain CD wallpaper
  • Rain CD+DVD wallpaper

Something a little more current is that YUI is releasing a new single in January, which consists of the songs It’s My Life and Your Heaven. The latter was used in Sony’s Play You commercial. You can check it out in the YouTube clip below.

(Video no longer available)


These wallpapers are from the same Daum campaign as the screensaver I posted earlier.


  • Daum SNSD 1920
  • Daum Soo-young Tiffany Yu-ri 1920
  • Daum Sunny Seo-hyun Tae-yeon 1920
  • Daum Yoon-a Jessica Seo-hyun Tiffany Yu-ri 1920

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The official wallpapers for Holidays in the Sun are out!

  • Holidays in the Sun wallpaper (CD + DVD)
  • Holidays in the Sun wallpaper (CD)



The Cabi Song video that I posted a few days ago turned out to be quite popular (in terms of number of downloads), so I thought I’d post some Cabi wallpapers too (1920×1200):

  • Carribean Bay Seo-hyun
  • Carribean Bay Yoon-a
  • Carribean Bay Yu-ri

They’re not especially well done, but I think they’re official. The girls are looking good though ;) .

And another one with some 2PM guys too (3150×1772):

Carribean Bay


These are the official wallpapers based on the covers of the to Mother single. Both are 1280×1024.

  • to Mother wallpaper (CD)
  • to Mother wallpaper (CD+DVD)

And a promo picture for YUI’s upcoming album Holidays in the Sun:

Holidays in the sun promo

Quite the beauty. :)


These wallpapers are kind of old, but I felt like posting them today :)

They are all 1920×1080.

  • Viliv Wallpaper (Soo-young, Jessica, Tiffany)
  • Viliv Wallpaper (Sunny, Tae-yeon, Hyo-yeon)
  • Viliv Wallpaper (Yoon-a, Yu-ri, Seo-hyun)

Have a nice weekend! :D


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