web design 

Just a short note to tell you that I fixed (most of) the layout in IE6, which was hopelessly broken. … Continue reading


I suddenly felt a little inspired, so I spruced up the site a little. I’ve been meaning to make a new theme for… 3 years or something. Since I haven’t had any inspiration I decided that I would modify my current theme little by little until it is a new theme :D

There are only small changes … Continue reading


I’ve made a small update of the design of the site. I’ve also made a few BoA and Jolin Tsai scans, but since the gallery isn’t up yet you have to go to SPRegulars.org to see them for the time being.


I’m currently looking into some image gallery plugins I could use for this site. I was meaning to program the gallery myself. I was meaning to program the whole site myself, but I’ve come to realize that it would take me forever to make everything I want just the way I want it. Since I’ve settled for the Wordpress blog, I’m now installing plugins with the features I want. After I’ve tweaked the plugins a little and made my own site layout I’ll start filling this place with goodies. I got my J9 New + Party Collection CD today and it comes with some very nice images of Jolin Tsai that I’m eager to scan and put on the site.