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I’ve been getting an increasing amount of comment spam on this blog. You probably haven’t seen any of it since I use the Akismet spam filter, but it’s still a bit annoying to have to check the spam box for false positives (so few comments are made, so I want to keep every single one). I’ve been looking at different plugins for Wordpress that fight spammers in different ways, but they all have the same problem: as soon as they become popular, spammers will upgrade their bots to work around the protection. … Continue reading


I just installed the Firefox Add-on FireBug. It’s an amazing piece of software for web developers. You can basically load any page and edit the HTML and CSS on the fly. I’ve only tried it out a little, but so far it works like a charm and offers much more than the Web developer tool bar that I’ve been using until now. It will be interesting to see how FireBug holds up in a “sharp” situation. My expectations are sky high. It’s amazing that software of this calibre is free.

edit: However, it seems that FireBug has a huge memory leak because both me and a co-worker installed FireBug last week and left our computers on over the weekend and today (Monday) Firefox was using about 600 MB RAM (out of 768). Theoretically it could be because of something else, like another add-on, but I find it most unlikely.


Today is an important day in the history of this site. I got my first comment spam! Yay, I’m popular! Luckily I installed Akismet a few days ago. “Luckily” if you didn’t want to hear about penis enlargment pills that is :lol:


Believe it or not, the gallery is now up and running. I ended up using Plogger, which I found very easy to work with. It is very easy to modify and I’ve made quite a few changes. Well, I guess it’s time to start filling the gallery up :)


I’m currently looking into some image gallery plugins I could use for this site. I was meaning to program the gallery myself. I was meaning to program the whole site myself, but I’ve come to realize that it would take me forever to make everything I want just the way I want it. Since I’ve settled for the Wordpress blog, I’m now installing plugins with the features I want. After I’ve tweaked the plugins a little and made my own site layout I’ll start filling this place with goodies. I got my J9 New + Party Collection CD today and it comes with some very nice images of Jolin Tsai that I’m eager to scan and put on the site.