Polar F6

I bought a Polar F6 pulse watch (you know, one of those things that checks your heart rate that you can use when you work out) today. I went to my regular Body Balance practice expecting it to be in my “moderate” heart rate zone. OK, I’ve been ill, but during most exercises I was in my “hard” zone and in “moderate” when relaxing or stretching between the exercises. It’ll be interesting to see if this changes as my cardio gets better.

The thing that impressed me the most about this watch was a very small detail. You can download your own logos! You download a wav-file and play it with the watch next to the speaker. *chirp-chirp-chirp* and then you have a Hello Kitty logo on your watch :D

If you have the watch then you can get it at Polar’s site, but here it is anyway (if you have another watch model, then check Polar’s site):

(You go go to the settings menu and when it says “Settings” you play the wav-file with the watch next to your speaker. It will say uplink failed or uplink OK. If OK, hold “back” and then hold up arrow to show the logo.)

You can also download a program to make your own logos, but I haven’t tried that yet.